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Okay folks, we got some important news.  There's this awesome artist, named :iconvikingmyke:  Look at some of the awesome stuff he's done...

Warfare Sketchbook 2015 by vikingmyke  Orc Warlord on Boar Chariot by vikingmyke  Viking Wolverine by vikingmyke

Pure badass.  This guy doodles and heavy metal album covers happen.  However, recently, a terrible secret was revealed.  One that shook me to my very core.

The Real Artist by vikingmyke

That's right.  His dog does all the art!  He just posts it.  First, I learn the Pyramids were built by aliens.  Then I learn that Shakespeare was a pen name.  Now this!  What's next?

PS  It's all an elaborate joke.  Except about the part with his gallery being awesome.  It is.  Check it out.


A new Deadliest Warrior comic is coming soon.  I thought a lot about this match up.  It's between Pirates and Ming Dynasty warriors!  And they have leaders!  Blackbeard and Yuan Chonghuan respectively!  For a quick break down....

Long range - Nest of bees vs pistols.  The nest of bees is a bunch of arrows tied to bottle rockets shot out from a big tube.  They have a much longer range than the pistols and there's a lot of them.  However, it's a one shot weapon and not very accurate.  The pirate pistol can jam and has a shorter range.  However, pirates usually carried more than one to make up for jamming and so they wouldn't have to reload in combat.  Given better accuracy and more shots, I give the edge to the pirate pistol.

Medium range- Three pole gun vs the blunderbuss.  The three pole gun is basically three metal barrels loaded with gunpowder.  They get three shots by rotating it and touching a brand to each one in turn.  You did get a lot of shots out of it, but the accuracy was dubious.  In a test, three shots were fired at the torso.  One hit the torso, the other an arm and the third a neck.  All three would be kill shots on an unarmored pirate.  In contrast, the pirates have the blunderbuss.  Basically, it's an early shotgun.  Lots of spread, lots of damage.  It can jam though.  I actually give the edge to blunderbuss, though it's marginal.  With a blunderbuss, it's powerful enough to penetrate cover that the three pole can't and could kill more than one person in a shot.

Melee- This is a real toss up.  The pirates have the dual wield of boarding axe and cutlass.  Both of these are heavy swinging weapons.  The axe can penetrate armor and the cutlass will smack you around and do damage even if it doesn't get through the armor.  You've also got the advantage of two weapons are a lot for an opponent to worry about and gives you options.  Conversely, the Ming has leather lamellar armor and the dao sword.  Leather lamellar and metal helmet isn't the best armor in the world, but if your choice is armor or nothing, armor always wins.  A lot of pirate melee attacks will be at least reduced in effectiveness.  Plus the Dao sword is piercing and slashing and blindingly fast.  I give the edge to the Ming, though it's marginal.  They've got martial arts training which I think will tip the scale in melee.

Explosives- This one is actually a repeat.  Originally it was Musketeers grenade vs the Ming land mine.  In the simulation the grenades got 26 kills vs the landmine's 199.  I do find that result a little funny.  You can carry the grenades and use them when and where you need them.  For those you not familiar with it, the Ming landmine is a booby trap that needs to be activated.  It's not by stepping on it alone.  However, it's destructive power is massive.

With the X-factors almost all go to the Ming however.  The fact of the matter is, they are a professional army.  They have extensive training, combat experience, are well-supplied, etc.  Furthermore, Yuan Chonghuan was a brilliant commander, able to defeat armies many times his size.  Also, his battle cry was "Fuck their mom!  Hit them hard!"  

If the pirates have any one X-factor in their favor it's fear mongering.  Blackbeard was an intimidating, scary dude and he knew how to use that.  It's also worth noting Blackbeard himself was a juggernaught.  Physically he was overpowering.

So thoughts people?


Also, just learned this one of us is joining the airforce (USA).  Feel free share best wishes!
I'm Going To The Air Force!!!!!!!!WHATS UP DEVIANT ART PEOPLE!!!!!!
It's been forever since I've been active. So many things has been happening in these past months.
Well one thing was end of the year stuff like grades and tests.
I was studying extra hard and shit and I  passed!! and I finally graduated!!! I was so hyped :D 
Then after that was my senior trip. and where did we go, only the most magical place ever, DISNEY LAND!!! OMG it was so fun
Then after that things started to calm down a bit, well sort of...
now this is when I go on to the air force topic. So since like forever I had this dream art college I wanted to go too. I toured there about 5 times, I wanted to go there so badly. But heres the problem, the place was expensive as fuck!
Over the years I was just like no biggie financial aid will cover it. Next thing I know senior year comes up and were finally gonna apply for the college. it was a 100 dollars just to do that. But we did it and did all the financial aid and gu


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