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Where have I been? RL has been busy.  Nothing bad or anything, just lots of running around with my head cut off.  Oh, and if you read to the end of this journal, I've got some exciting updates!

To address a specific question I've been getting a lot of recently....

No, I don't like Italian cannibal movies.  I've seen two in their entirety, and one of those is arguably not one anyway.  Slave of Cannibal Mountain (it's got a lot of alternate titles) and the 1981 Tarzan.  No offense to those who watch those movies, but in general I find them dreadful.  I've tried watching some of the other "big names" in the genre but I can't sit through them.  

For those of you not familiar with those movies, let me summarize the majority of them.  A group of civilized people go into the jungles of (fill in the blank) on a expedition, crash landed etc.  Most if not all of them will be horrible people.  As they journey, you get scenes of animal cruelty, racist stereotypes and gore.  Eventually it reaches some kind of climax, usually involving more gore.  Most of these movies have some eroticism mixed in, though whether you like it or if it makes you feel unclean is up to you.  

Of the two movies I was able to sit through, both were directed by John Derek.  The man is a terrible director, and neither of those movies are good.  Slave of the Cannibal God (Mountain whatever) fits my description in the preceding paragraph to a tee.  I will admit that it does have a scene of a naked Ursula Andress being rubbing all over by tribal girls, but that's about it.

The 1981 Tarzan movie, is mercifully free of gore, animal cruelty, etc.  Instead, it's essentially softcore porn.  How erotic you find it depends on A)  how much you like the scenarios and B) How sexy you think Bo Derek is.  To give credit, were credit is due this is the movie is the one where I got the whole "paint the girl white" thing, which I obviously find very erotic.  So if you want to see were that came from you can watch that movie.  Just bear in mind, most of the movie is incredibly dull.  

So no, I have not seen Emerald Hell, Cannibal Holocaust, etc.  The part of Tennessee Buck I've seen is the oiling scene and that's because people wouldn't stop asking me if I had seen it.

Also, fun trivia note.  Ursula Andress was married to John Derek when he made Slave of a Cannibal God.  Later he divorced her, and married Bo Derek.  Then he made Tarzan.  What's with this guy marrying attractive women and then making movies where mostly naked women rub them down and... no wait.  Stupid question.

Important update Number 1

This one is long term, which means it'll take a while to see the light of day.  However, that gives you folks plenty of time to offer feedback.  For the most part I feel like I'm done making Teen Titans related stuff.  However, it's some of the most popular stuff on my page.  So I figured, go out with a bang.  One last comic.  It will feature...

  • Starfire-crimelord concubine by AndronicusVII  
  • Raven -crimelord concubine by AndronicusVII
  • Lord High Priest Zar by AndronicusVII
  • Also, plot elements like hypno smoke
  • As much fan service as I can get away with
  • It cannot have Terra.  Pictures of Terra get taken down apparently.
  • The action will focus on these three.  Any additional characters will be background only.
So if there's anything you want to see or DON'T want to see in this, let me know.  

Important Update Number 2

So yeah.  I pour my heart out in projects like my Pathfinder comic, Hulk 2099 comic, etc.  Get moderate feedback at best.  Oh well.  Meanwhile I toss out an April comic about her being painted by natives.  Didn't like it much.  Gave up.

Then it's huge.  Go figure.  :P  

Despite the interest in it, I am not continuing it.  However, I do intend to start over, with a better plan in place, more characters etc.  So, for those of you who want to see more, here are the opportunities.

  • I am looking for character ideas.  I prefer ones from anime or cartoons, but I am willing to entertain ideas from elsewhere.  They need to be a minimum age of 18.
  • One character needs to be the star.  Tell me why she should be.  Also, should she be strong and defiant or more of a damsel-in-distress victim?
  • Another needs to be lead mistress of the group.
As always I am the final arbiter and people who comment regularly or have followed me for a long time get more consideration.


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